Sabattical Starts Now


I’ve just now settled into a hotel room in Redmond, WA. It’s been a busy first couple of days. Saturday 9/24, I was going to leave early in the morning but then I received an invite to ride with my friend Brian Cone. He’s recovering from a life altering crash and he wanted to try and take his new eTrike up Millcreek Canyon to see if he could rock some trails. 100% worth the delay to ride with him on his birthday and see him making attempts and some of the trails up there. This set me back a bit and I didn’t end up on the road till after 2PM. The drive segment was to just get to Boise, ID and crash at Chris and Ami’s place. They were super gracious hosts, I got to pet their dogs and slept awesome in their basement bedroom.


Today, Sunday 9/25, I woke up and got on the road pretty early. Today there was a long driving segment. I tried to pick a look that was suggested to me on Facebook near the Cle Elum, WA area. This drive took me from Boise, through Oregeon and then into Washington. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the most picturesque. I ended up going for a ride in the Teanaway Community Forest. I have to wonder if the person answering my question thought I mean horseback riding instead of mountain bike riding. This loop seemed to be nothing but horse trails. Oh well, still had fun and it was a good break from riding in the car. After that, I loaded the bike back up and started to drive towards Snoqualmie, WA. I had considered camping but I have a friend who lives here and was going to try and meet up with him. Unfortunatly we weren’t able to connect in time. So, I powered through to Redmond. This puts me less than 2 hours from the border into Canada. That makes it really easy for crossing at noon tomorrow.