Whistler Bike Park - Day 1


Getting out of my comfort zone some more. It’s been about 10 years since I rode flats. I wanted to treat myself so I rented a proper DH bike from G1 Rentals.

The park is amazing and so are the views. I started off on a green run just to start getting a feel for the bike. After the first run, I paired up with a French fellow name Jim. We ended up riding together for a number of runs. One thing I noticed. DH folks stop a lot. At any transition area they will regroup and rest for a second. I’m guilty of never stopping, it’s why I take so few pics while riding. I think I put in about 5 hours straight. It was enough to wear the top of my thumb raw. I think this was likely from descending Blue Velvet. While most of the runs are awesome, there is some chunk here and there. Maybe brake bumps, but more seem like erosion lines from the rain. Likely just what you’re going to get by the end of the season. Anyway, it’s a ton of chatter and the left glove just rubbed the wrong way.

On the plus side, I was starting to get a feel for the bike. Clearing most of the jumps on Crank It Up. I even gave A-Line a try and those jumps get a lot bigger. My final run was Blue Velvet linked right into Crank It Up. I could feel the fatigue setting in and new it was time to call it a day. I am really happy with how it went and it’s going to be another fun day tomorrow.